My name is Stéphane Houari, I’m French born and raised in France.

I’m a Visual Designer from Novato, and having spent the last 18 years in graphic design the best thing that came of it, is my love for creating photos, videos and graphic design from idea to production.

What do I do exactly as a Visual Designer? I produce images for catalogs, websites and social media. I plan, prepare, light, compose and edit images and videos.
I also create posters, banners and other printing materials to promote events.

The people with who I worked tell me I’m  dedicated, organized and flexible. If you give me a problem I’ll find a solution. I have the ability to be a great collaborator while being fully able to work independently.

I’m skilled at creating images and short videos that capture attention on social media…  Thousands of my productions have appeared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the school website. I play a key role in the visual storytelling and branding of the company and contribute to their successful marketing campaigns. 

When I was in France, I worked as both in-house and free-lance photographer and graphic designer capturing fashion and architectural pictures for print magazines and websites. 

Well as a strong creator I have expert knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Bridge, Illustrator, and VideoScribe; I can do my own studio and lighting setups; and know my way around a camera.

I am honest, passionate, a hard worker and a bit of a perfectionist.