After a solid education in apparel design and manufacturing, I worked for 14 years as a manufacturing manager, graphic designer and photographer at one of France’s most popular children’s clothiers, Du Pareil Au Même (DPAM). I managed the manufacturing operation in Tunisia and purchased textiles when DPAM was a start-up. I became the graphic designer in their marketing and online sales department when the company went public and became one of France’s biggest grossing children’s apparel retailers. I worked extensively on their website redesign and the creation of the company's brand identity. It was in this capacity that I also became their principal photographer.

For the last 7 years, I’ve been working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer gaining valuable experience designing solutions for maketing campaigns and websites. I have designed web banners and email newsletters for a variety of industries such as home furnishings (cooking accessories and kitchen appliances), hospitality (luxury hotels), and interior architecture (residential and commercial spaces).

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Travels   Music   Workout   Crossfit   Biking   Country
Travel   Music   Workout   Crossfit   Biking   Country music
Cooking   Donut   Beard   Fashion   Photography   Iphone
Cooking   Donuts   Beards   Fashion   Photography   Iphone
Tattoo   Hat   Singing   Glasses   Decoration   TV Series
Tattoos   Hats   Singing   Glasses   Decoration   TV Series
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